About HSBC Warrant / CBBC

HSBC Warrants issued its first product in 2007. Since then HSBC Warrants continues to rank among the top issuers in terms of both diversity of underlyings and number of products.

About HSBC Warrant / CBBC

HSBC Warrants issued its first product in 2007. Since then HSBC Warrants continues to rank among the top issuers in terms of both diversity of underlyings and number of products.

HSBC Global Equities

HSBC Global Equities covers a full suite of derivatives products, including warrants and CBBCs, on a variety of underlyings including country or sectors indices, single names and variances as well as correlation and dispersion or volatility control.

We have direct memberships in over 30 derivatives exchanges and access to more than 50 markets, enabling our more than 200 sales and trading professionals to serve the needs of asset managers, corporations, hedge funds, pension funds and central banks, and retail investors.

Multi-functional and accessible Warrant and CBBC website

  • Warrant and CBBC are popular investment products in Hong Kong. Due to the complexity of their structure, however, it is important for investors to first fully understand the products and the market before investing. Understanding investors’ difficulty with the overload of information on the Net, HSBC has designed a brand new one-stop platform to enhance user’s experience.
  • On our website, investors can easily search for products, analyse the market and even place their orders. As long as you are registered with HSBC internet banking, you can easily place orders following your search on our HSBC warrants and CBBC website
  • Apart from analysis, it also provides investors with daily bilingual market insight videos
  • Our website is designed according to the highest accessibility standards, which ensure accessibility to a wider range of users and compatibility on various devices.

Comprehensive coverage

  • We strive to issue suitable products through the ups and downs of the market
  • We are one of the top issuers in terms of underlyings covered
  • We conduct regular review on the underlyings of our products

Media exposure

  • Regular interviews are conducted with NowTV, iCable, and Jetmedia,
  • Commentaries are submitted to AM730, AAstock, ONTV, Economic Digest, Capital, Sky Post, ETnet, Oriental Daily News on a regular basis


Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2017: - World's Best Bank
- Asia's Best Bank
- Hong Kong's Best Bank
- Hong Kong's Best Investment Bank

FinanceAsia Country Awards for Achievement 2017: - Best Broker in Hong Kong
- Best Private Bank in Hong Kong

Greenwich Associates Quality Leader 2017 : - US Retail Structured Products Quality Leader

The Banker Transaction Banking Awards 2017 : - Best Bank for Securities Services

Important Risk Warning

The structured products are not collateralized. If the issuer is insolvent or defaults, investors may not recover part or all of the amount due.

Structured products are complex products. Investors should exercise caution in relation to them. The price of the structured products may fall in value as rapidly as it may rise and investors may sustain a total or substantial loss of their investment. Prospective investors should ensure that they understand the nature and risks and seek professional advice where applicable. Please also note that CBBCs have a mandatory call feature and may therefore be subject to early termination, upon which (i) investors in category N CBBCs will lose all of their investments in the CBBCs; and (ii) the residual value of category R CBBCs may be zero. Inline warrants have been newly introduced to the market and there are no similar products currently listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited for comparison. Inline warrants carry exotic features, and their terms and pricing may be more complicated than standard derivative warrants. Maximum potential payoff is fixed and capped. Price movement of the inline warrants may be disproportionate or opposite to the price movement of the underlying asset. Click here for "Terms of Use".


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